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About GSP

GSP stands for "Giant Schnauzer Pedigrees". GSP is an international initiative to collect and preserve as many Giant Schnauzer pedigrees and data as possible, in order to give a good view of the breed and show developments in the breed, past and present, to allow Giant Schnauzer owners to discover the ancestry of their beloved pets, and to provide pedigree information.

GSP is a user-driven database site with some supervision and editing by GSP administrators and GSP crew members.

Anyone who has an Internet connection may freely browse the site and look at the information that has been collected and that is made available. However, to add, edit or remove information you must first be registered with GSP.

The principle of GSP is to give registered users the possibility of collaboratively building up an informative database on Giant Schnauzers. GSP has succeeded in this very well. Founded in 2011, Giant Schnauzer Pedigrees is well on its a way to becoming the web's largest site dedicated to Giant Schnauzer pedigrees with nearly 6,000 entries collected in only 1 month. This kind of large database is possible only with the help of users and Giant Schnauzer enthusiasts worldwide willingly and collaboratively sharing the information they have with GSP and each other.

Due to the fact that GSP is a user-driven database there is always the possibility that the database includes incorrect information. Moreover, the accessible, open nature of the database holds the potential for both vandalism and inaccuracy. However, the advantages of this kind of large database are significant and clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

It is our goal, with the help of active users and GSP admin's and GSP crew members who are monitoring contributions on a regular basis, to correct errors quickly. Over time the accuracy of this site is improving as it attracts more and more contributors. We encourage all registered users to help us maintain the high standards we have set for GSP by correcting information where needed and passing on information and pedigrees for the benefit of all users.

We have instituted a process of change-logs which will allow us to identify and follow up any time a member has modified entries on the site. If it turns out that someone has deliberately altered correct entries or in any way purposely sabotaged entries on the database by adding incorrect information this person will be excluded from the site.

About the people


GSP Founder:

Tim Portner(Pertneer)
email: Contact Me

GSP Admins:

Tim Portner(Pertneer)

GSP Moderators:


GSP (Giant Schnauzer Pedigrees) makes every effort to ensure the information published on this web site is up to date and accurate but cannot accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions. GSP can contain incorrect, inaccurate or outdated information. The information is reviewed at random by users, GSP administrators and GSP crew members, but there is no guarantee that all information is correct at all times.

False or incorrect information on GSP is corrected when found, but no one is under any obligation to review all the information and correct it. GSP is not legally responsible for the incorrect information and for its use for different purposes. If you use the information in GSP -- for example in planning a breeding -- please counter-check the validity of the data with a reliable source, e.g. the stud books or check with your national kennel club to verify details.

The information on GSP is free for its users. Using GSP does not create any contract or other liability between you and GSP or someone else. GSP is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by incorrect information in GSP.

When you add information to GSP, please make sure that the information is correct, accurate and up-to-date. When submitting photos you have to obtain permission to do so from the copyright holder or from the person who has rights to use the photo. You are responsible for not violating someone else's rights.

GSP reserves the right to make changes without notice. If you find anything that causes concern please contact us.

As a convenience to visitors to this site, GSP may provide, on this Site, links to Web sites operated by other entities. If you use these sites, you will leave this Site. If you decide to visit any linked site, you do so at your own risk and it is your responsibility to take all protective measures to guard against viruses or other destructive elements. GSP makes no warranty or representation regarding, and does not endorse, any linked Web sites or the information appearing thereon or any of the products or services described thereon. Links do not imply that GSP, endorses, is affiliated or associated with, or is legally authorized to use any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright symbol displayed in or accessible through the links, or that any linked site is authorized to use any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright symbol of GSP.

If any of the content provided here is not public domain, it will be removed from this web site immediately, at the copyright owner's request. It is not GSP's intent to infringe on copyright. This is a not-for-profit hobby site designed to preserve and share information about Giant Schnauzers for dog lovers worldwide.