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Giant Schnauzer Pedigrees are open to everyone and free of charge for users. In order to keep them like that we would kindly ask you to respect and observe the following rules:

1.) GSP is intended for real Giant Schnauzers and not fictitious entries or future litters, and, above all, it is most certainly not a place for litter announcements or any kind of advertisement. So please, no ads on GSP!

2.) Images uploaded to GSP must not be protected by any third party copyright!
If you have images that you would like to upload to GSP, you must check that permission has been given for them to be published in this way. If you are not the rights-owner and you do not know for certain that the photographer has been dead for 70 years, then you will need explicit permission to publish.
If you find an image on a web site, please check with the site owner first before uploading the image. Remember that the site owner may not own the copyright to an image he/she makes available and that you may need to make other enquiries in order to use the image.

3.) GSP is dedicated to the Giant Schnauzer breed and its history, starting in the late 19th century when the first Giant Schnauzers were registered by kennel clubs. To keep our archive clear and reliable we cannot allow mixes (exceptions are made only for ancient ancestors of the breed!) Please understand that GSP is intended exclusively for pure-bred Giant Schnauzers with registration numbers.

4.) To make sure the spelling of names is correct, the dog's name with the spelling found on its registration papers should be used. This include the use of ', -, _, or abreviation.
Our software will take care of the rest for you. Call name can be added when adding information.

  1. The first letter of each word in the name will be capitalized(e.g. Histyle's Miss Congeniality), along with the following circumstances.
    • Hyphenated words(-), words with period in them(.), or words with an underscore(_) will have the first letter after capitalized for you. (Al_Kamir de Pichera;Bergsbakkens R-Ivan)
    • Special cases such as a single letter followed by a . each letter will be capitalized. (e.g. Skansen's U.P.S.)
    • Words with a apostrophe in them(') will not capitalize the first letter after. These can be either capitalized or not if you choose. (e.g. Eskorte H'Kiwa )
  2. Words with the designation "II", "III", "IV" these will be made into all capital letters.
  3. Note: These item above will be changed automatically when adding a dog or updating information.
  4. Do not add any titles (e.g. Am. Int. Ch. Histyle's Miss Congeniality).
    • Title's will be entered on the dog's details page later on in the title field. These will show correctly in pedigree when placed in title field.

Because we stricty enforce rules that do not allow names to be spelled in all upper or lower case the names my not identically match the dog's officially registered name!

5.) Titles are not part of a dog's name therefore please do not add the titles of a dog as prefix or suffix to its registered name!

Wrong: Ch. Histyle's Pyro
Correct: Histyle's Pyro

If titles are added as part of a dog's registered name, this has a number of negative side effects, e.g. this dog can then no longer be found in alphabetical listings, etc.

There is an separate place for entering a dog's titles. BIS, SBIS, group or puppy wins should be put into the notes field.